Top 10 Songs from Best Of Pop & Rock (Short Cuts for TV & Ad)
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Indie pop progressive track, acoustic instruments, kind of Arcade Fire mood. Starting a bit like an Apple commercial. (Extended version available)
Apple style commercial, corporate, very happy, mid tempo, piano solo intro, glockenspiel, strings. Rock pop ending.
Rock Pop Coldplay soundalike, corporate, happy, epic. Acoustic Intro then big electric guitars, Slow tempo.
A Modern Romance     (1:42) 
Rock/Pop Coldplay Soundalike, Slow tempo but big and epic. With loud electric guitars. Positive, powerful, Ambitious
A Simple Moment     (1:40) 
Acoustic Guitar/Electro Beat. A la Lilly Wood & The Prick, The Avener, Milky Chance. Good for commercial, happy, trendy. cool...
Rock/pop/epic, electric guitar gimmick, piano lead, positive and energetic. Short and sting version for transition.
Sunny Stroll     (2:00) 
Uke n glocks, "do" vocals, whistling and a lazy snare drum. Perfect 15s edit points! Alt mix with no lead instruments.
Sunshine Today     (1:23)  [V]
Cool summer breeze, taking a stroll, soaking in the sun of the new day ahead!
Swimming In The Wind     (1:50) 
Indie/Pop/Rock Up tempo a la Phoenix, Vampire WeeK End. Happy, party, young, fresh, optimistic
Indie/Rock/Country groovy ballad. Acoustic feeling with cool groove. Feeling of large space, happiness, travel, road trip, adventure.
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