Top 10 Songs from Best Of Blues & Country
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Come And Play     (2:30) 
Up-beat children's song about turning that frown upside down
Day After Day     (3:29) 
Slow tempo chilled vibe piece
Have A Little Fun     (2:30) 
Up-beat childlike piece
Invincible     (3:38)  [V]
Up-tempo pop country track
It Feels Brand New     (3:30) 
Up-tempo track with pop country feel building to a catchy chorus
Jazzy Blues Cruise     (4:54) 
Jazzy/Bluesy Medium Swing instrumental with Hammond organ and guitar features with 3 piece horn section.Inspired by Blue Note label recordings of the 1960's. Underscore version available at
Make A Change     (3:30) 
Mid-tempo pop country track feat. fiddle, acoustic gutar and slide guitar
Meghan's Curls     (2:31) 
Up-Tempo childlike piece feat. mandolin and acosutic guitar
Ocean Front View     (3:21) 
up-tempo pop country track
On The Road To Black City     (1:35)  [V]
Blues/Rock Up tempo a la ZZ Top "La Grange". Pure Blues rock guitar riff and solo. Available with vocals.
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