Top 10 Songs from Best Of Rock (Light)
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Pop/Rock/Upbeat/Americana. Happy, driving & inspirational.
Believe In Me     (2:42) 
Acoustic pop track..... ala Disney, Camp Rock, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Michelle Branch. Uplifting chorus.
Building A Dream     (2:27) 
Positive, uplifting, heartfelt, driving, inspiring. "Uplifting modern pop track in the style of U2....featuring electric guitars, bass, drums, and strings"
Modern rock track with acoustics guitars & sweet melodies. Similar to a feel good tune you would hear on the OC or in a Disney movie. In the style of Matchbox 20, Jann Arden or Martina McBride and a splash of Jack Johnson
Feels Like Home     (3:06) 
Pop/Rock/Upbeat/Americana. Happy, driving & inspirational. 0:30 version available on
Stick With It     (3:11) 
Pop/Acoustic/Happy/Rock track. Mood is light and airy. Underscore versions available. Just ask us!
Sublime     (2:10) 
Positive, Hopeful, Upbeat Pop/Rock remenicent of Tom Petty, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat. Catchy backwards loop intro gives way to infectious acoustic guitar bass & drums verse with electric guitar & piano hooks.
The Chemists     (3:13) 
Pop/Acoustic/Rock/ Upbeat happy pop hit song. Underscore version available Just ask us!
All In     (1:59) 
Driving pop rock track. Funky drum loops with piano and layers of guitars. Catchy and bouncy.
Always Beside Me     (2:34) 
Pop-rock ala Coldplay or Jame Blunt
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