Top 10 Songs from Best Of Rock (Assertive)
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Back For More     (1:57) 
Aggressive, bouncy track with momentum, energy and catchy lead lines.
Bike The Desert     (1:46) 
Hard edge driving alt country track that is reminiscent of shows like "Ice Truckers". Alternate version available on
Bully Beatdowner     (2:06) 
Hard Extreme sports adrenalin infused rock ala Pantera, and Zakk Wylde. Alternate version available on
Driving To Alabama     (1:27) 
Energetic Americana/ Southern/Classic inspired track that conjures up travelling down the highway. Highway Rock, Trucks, Americana, Classic Rock, Highway, Cruising.
Guitar Clashed     (1:07) 
Hard rock ala Velvet Revolver. Alternate version available on
Italian Stallion     (1:35) 
80's classic rock track. High energy track In the style of the band Survivor.
Magnetic Compass     (2:57) 
Rock/Heavy/Dynamic track with bluesy, funky breaks. Mix without lead guitars available. Just ask us!
Notch     (1:45)  [V]
Hard hitting groove rock ala Slash meets Rage against The Machine. Reminiscent of car and Beer commercials. Alternate version available on
Painkiller     (2:06) 
Hard rock modern spy type influence with Nickelback Guitars. Alternate version available on
Power Systems Go     (1:56) 
Hard rock ala Nickelback and Ozzy with a Zakk Wylde Style solo.Very WWE themed. Alternate version available on
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