Top 10 Songs from Best Of New Corporate (Motivational & Uplifting)
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Awaken Within     (2:12) 
Gentle beginnings building into an explosive pinnacle of sonic goodness featuring a stellar performance from Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul)
Eclipse The Horizon     (2:34) 
Coldplay inspired pianos, long build with powerful guitars
Forever Buds     (1:55) 
Teen pop rock ala Taylor Swift. Evokes feelings of freedom and youth.
Acoustic POP Track, good for corporate, sports, motivational. A Bit Coldplay sound alike, more groovy.
No Limits     (2:20) 
U2 guitars, Coldplay melodic piano/guitar lines throughout. Emotional building, inspirational and motivational upbeat main motif to a powerful, triumphant finish. Drums, bass, guitars, piano and pads.
A Million Smiles     (1:30) 
Rock Pop mid tempo, in the style of Colplay, Muse, Killers. Electric guitars, synths, and piano melody. Anthemic, positive, energetic. 3 duration available.
After The Dawn     (2:14) 
Slow building, emotional, edgy guitars and melodic pianos to a motivating and triumphant end
Alive And Ready     (2:10) 
Inspiring, positive, atmospheric guitars, drums, bass, synths
Already Here     (1:40) 
Here and now as the stars align. One choice to make, the future is mine.
Angels Away     (2:48)  [V]
Soaring guitars, anthemic and ethereal vocalizations coupled with Coldplay inspired rhythms and shades of U2 for spice. -Emotion Injected Music
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