Top 10 Songs from Country
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Baby Steps     (3:51)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Slow tempo acoustic heavy song for new parents. This song captures the feelings, moments and excitement of new parenthood perfectly.
Chillin With You     (3:21)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
up-tempo pop country track about living down south, dreaming of the north.
Don't Ever Change     (2:31)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Up-Tempo children's song about not worrying about self appearance
I Was Somebody     (3:39) 
From: Country (Country)
Up-beat ambient song about self recognition
If I Didn't Have You     (3:30)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Up-tempo love song about appreciating your partner
In My Dreams     (3:25)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Mid-tempo island like song about getting lost in a fantasy
Let's Go Outside And Play     (2:55)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Slow tempo Acoustic Children's song promoting playing outside
Motivation     (3:29)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
slow tempo bluesy feel about family being your motivation
On My Way     (3:29)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Rock/country hit song about being on the road wanted to get home.
Road With A View     (3:28)  [V]
From: Country (Country)
Med-tempo casual song about not rushing through life
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