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Production Music

The "Best of" Library

To save you the time and hassle we hand picked music from over thirty production music libraries and created "best of" library collections in different categories. It is simply the easiest and most efficient way of finding the perfect track for your project.

New collections and new tracks are added on a regular basis.

As of now, the "best of" library collections are available in the following categories:

Altitude Music
Authentic library from the UK composed by real artists. These artists can be heard playing on your favourite albums at home. We know how important this is - there is that special something in the music when it’s the real deal!
Best Of 70s (Funk, Disco & Soul)
Authentic sounds of the 70's. disco, funk and soul tracks
Best Of Acoustic Guitar
Tracks featuring acoustic guitar in a intimate setting. You may also like tracks from this collection Melodic Piano Instrumental
Best Of Ambient Grooves
Hypnotic underscores over smooth drum loops
Best Of Blues & Country
From blues to country without anything in between. Also check out this collection Blues Song Catalog
Best Of Classical
Lively, light classical pieces. Also featuring other various classical styles arranged in a contemporary setting. You will also find classical pieces in this collection Best of Classical (Classics)
Best Of Classical (Classics)
A collection of the most famous classical pieces used in movies. You will also find classical pieces in this collection Best of Classical
Best Of Comedy, Cartoons & Kidz
Collections of various tracks in the style of comedy, animation and children
Best Of Dance
House, techno, big beatz, club and rave music. You will also find tracks in these styles in Best of Electronic or Electronic (Song Catalog)
Best Of Dance (80's & 90's)
80's and 90's dance tracks
Best Of Drama-Suspense
Intriging, powerful and informative underscores. More tracks in
Best of Modern Film & TV
Best Of Easy Listening
Easy listening background tracks (more to come soon). You can also find tracks in this style in Melodic Piano Instrumental
Best Of Electro-Fusion (Cutting-Edge Groove)
Urban Fusion music for TV and film. It's a 10 song volume of groovy, confident and sometimes nostalgic Urban Fusion featuring memorable synth, strings, guitar and horn sections.
Best Of Electronic
Euro-dance, trance, ambient, techno and drum&bass tracks. You can find tracks in similar styles in Best of Dance Vol 1 or Electronic (Song Catalog)
Best Of Film Scores
Cinematic orchestral tracks from experienced composers. More tracks in that style in Best of Modern Film & TV
Best Of Gospel
Gospel vocal tracks picked from our best music libraries (more tracks to come soon). Also check out Gospel (Song Catalog)
Best Of Groove (Hip & Funky)
Ultra hip tracks with lots of samples & beats selected from our best production music libraries
Best Of Hip Hop
Hot tracks in hip hop styles. Also listen to Best of R&B
Best Of Holidays
Holiday tracks in various styles. For Holiday songs with vocals go here Holiday (Pop & Vocals)
Best Of Human Spirit (Inspiring)
Best of Human Sprit provides moving tracks in tribute to the creative spirit of man. Include various instrumentation and styles.
Best Of Jazz (Smooth, Acid & Classic)
Traditional, contemporary, fusion, smooth, acid jazz & funk jazz. More tracks in that style in Best of Swing or Jazz (Song Catalog)
Best Of Kitsch & Lounge
Easy listening kitsch and lounge tracks. cha cha, mambo, latino! All the cheese you need is right here
Best Of Latin Dance
Latin dance collection incorporating modern technology without loosing the traditional flavors and rhythms
Best Of Meditation (Asian, Spa, Wellness)
Traditional Zen music with authentic japanese instrumentation like the Shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and Koto (stringed musical instrument )
Best Of Modern Film & TV (Moody)
Short cuts for film and tv. Modern, moody, suspense and mystery cues. More tracks in that style in Best of Drama Suspense
Best Of New Age
Relaxed pieces for a quiet and peaceful scenes. You can also find tracks in this style in Melodic Piano Instrumental
Best Of New Corporate (Motivational & Uplifting)
Inspiring, driven' tracks with positive vibes. Suitable for new corporate videos and projects. More inspirational tracks here Best of Human Spirit
Best Of News & Trailers
Collection of tracks suitable for news/investigative and impact epic orchestral/techno trailer styles
Best Of Percussion Groove
A new collection with fresh percussion tracks
Best Of Pop & Rock (Short Cuts for TV & Ad)
Short pop & rock tracks perfect for TV series and Advertising use. Also check out this collection Best of Promos or Rock (Song Catalog)
Best of Promos
Short cuts in several styles. Also check out these collection Best of Pop & Rock)
Best Of Promos 2 (Box of Rocks Video Music library)
The best tracks from the BOX OF ROCKS Video Music Library. More promo tracks here Best of Promos
Best Of R&B
Soul, r&b vocal and instrumental tracks. Also listen to Best of Hip-Hop or
Urban (Song Catalog)
Best Of Rock (Assertive)
New metal, hard rock, punk, heavy rock and alternative rock tracks. You may find songs in the same styles in Rock (Song Catalog)
Best Of Rock (Fun, Young & Energetic)
Fun rock track for suitable for fun, young and energetic productions. More tracks in that style in Best of Pop & Rock or Rock (Song Catalog)
Best Of Rock (Light)
Soft, modern and acoustic rock tracks picked from our best libraries. More tracks in these styles in Best of Pop & Rock or Rock (Song Catalog)
Best Of Sexy (Sensual & Erotic)
Collection featuring erotic, sexy, sultry and intimate tracks in various styles
Best Of Smooth Guitar
Songs in the styles of Earl Klugh, George Benson, Larry Carlton and other great players. Also listen to Best of Jazz or Best of Groove (Hip & Funky)
Best Of Solo Instruments
Solo tracks featuring various musical instruments
Best Of Spanish Guitar
This collection is the best collection of spanish, latin and flamenco songs
Best Of Sports
Powerful and hi-energy music for scenes with lots of action and movement. Also check out this collection Best of Rock (Aggressive & Assertive)
Best Of Sports (The Locker Room Library)
This collections includes all the best tracks from the SAM Locker Room Sport Library. More sports tracks here Best of Sports
Best Of Swing Music
Big Band, dixieland and piano bar. Also listen to Best of Jazz
or Jazz (Catalog)
Best Of Technology
Music suitable for science and new technology productions
Best Of Vintage
Newsreels, jazz, and B movies from the 30's to the 70's
Best Of World (Authentic)
Our best authentic music tracks picked from labels and production music libraries. Select "By Country" here
Best Of World (National Anthems)
National Anthems from all the World Cup Soccer Countries
Best Of World Beat
World sounds mixed with contemporary grooves.
Tracks assigned to Mickey Boy Publishing
The Real Reality
Stuart Hart

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